Thursday, March 5, 2009

Popping the blogging cherry

Hello people of the universe.

I am the other half of strawberry people. I reside in a tiny little armpit of New Jersey right off the Garden State Parkway, also known as Bloomfield.

First things first...
I want to share my very first print that I have created in printmaking class. The image scan is slightly warped in some parts.

This class has been really inspiring and also really scary. A few days ago, a kid in my class got his finger stuck in one of those metal printmaking rolling machines. Seemingly, the finger was crushed and the nail was lost... i'm thinking something of a bursting sausage. There was blood all over the floor and a pool of it sat on the counter where he rested his hand for a minute. So all in all, printmaking is very dangerous, chaotic, and bloody, but I really love it!

I'll be posting more prints soon. Hopefully I will NOT have anymore finger crushing stories...

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