Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SF and sisters

Well folks, it's been a rad summer. I traveled to San Francisco for an awesome two week vacation.  Sisters unite!!!

Jessica and I ventured into the SF MOMA for the Cindy Sherman exhibit (which she has great pictures to post). There were several rooms dedicated to her large scale photos. Besides the amazing photographs from Cindy Sherman, there were tons of other awesome things to see!

Here's some of the artists that most inspired me:

Joseph Cornell:

Barry Mcgee:

Paul Klee:
No. 14, 1960
(this picture really doesn't do the colors justice as they are mesmerizing in person)

And just because, this is the view from the top floor of SF MOMA:

We also stopped at a really cool sculpture garden in Sonoma. There were a bunch of amazing, interesting sculptures as well as conceptual spaces done by various artists. Certainly a great interlude to all those lovely wineries! Here's a few of the sights that intrigued me:

I had a great trip! Sadly, of course, saying goodbye to my sister is never easy. But alas, the summer is dwindling down and school is about to start up. Fall is around the corner. I'm looking forward to it though :)

♥ Krysia ♥