Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shirts Part Two...

It's been a while.. I'd like to start this off where I left off...

Well to begin, the camera I used to take all the "in progress" pictures of the band t-shirts somehow stopped working properly.. so, bye bye pictures that once were and never will be again. I do, however, have a select few that made it onto my computer as well as some stickers I created on Photoshop.

I have little Photoshop knowledge, but you only need a little to make images screen print friendly. It's all about the texture if you want to use real photographs.

The t-shirts were all purchased at a local Salvation Army. It was really fun to do it this way because each shirt had it's own special, silly story to tell. Definitely a great band, and each of the members are interesting characters which I hoped to portray.

This is what I drew to be exposed on the screen using a stabilo pencil on vellum:

And here are a few stickers I played around on Photoshop with:

I'd like to add, this was a fun project for me in that it was a good learning experience. I silkscreened around 55 shirts in 55 different ways. I'm ready to tackle some new projects using what I've learned.

So this was way back from March, and now it's almost Thanksgiving. Those shirts feel like a decade of distance from today! Unfortunately for me, that camera is done for, BUT I did just get an iPhone and have become a Hipstamatic junkie, HELP!! :)

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